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Ology – science fun online

The American Museum of Natural History in New York City offers a fun site for exploring science: Ology.  While this site does not offer printables or assessments to help science educators, it is GREAT for:

  • Filling in those extra minutes in science class – either allowing students to browse the site (fun, fun!), or implementing one of the many activities found on the site
  • Rounding out a science unit with articles, picture galleries, or ideas for hands-on activities found on the site
  • Planning a trip to the museum (lucky you!)

The Ology site is conveniently divided into these science topics:

Each section features colorful child-friendly articles and visual explanations, experiments, things to make and do, picture galleries, and a few online quizzes and games. 

The site is most appropriate for students in grades 2 to 6.  There is also a section for educators with guides to exhibits at the museum, and two areas marked “curriculum” which consists of sets of articles (on Antarctica and Deep Sea Vents).


If you have used the Ology site, please leave a little feedback for others, below – thanks!


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