Daily Writing Prompts for Kids by TheTeachersCorner.net

Daily writing prompts for kids by the teachers corner .net

  TheTeachersCorner.net has a substantial amount of free daily writing prompts for various grades (primary and intermediate).  Each prompt can be viewed online or printed as a handout or for use on an LCD projector. The prompts are arranged by month: January writing prompts February writing prompts March writing prompts April writing prompts May writing…

Hatchin’ Alphabet preschool activity set

printable alphabet activity easter chicks eggs hatching alphabet letters fun stuff for preschool

  1) Lay out several chicks with upper- and lower-case letters on each.   2) Lay out the pieces of the corresponding eggs, each piece with either the upper- or the lower-case letter.   3) Find the two pieces of each egg to make it “hatch” into the corresponding baby chick with both letters on…

Summer Splash rhyming fun

rhyming rhyme activity reading phonics game summer fun

  This summertime fun set is great for warming up those language areas of the brain too often grown sluggish during vacation. Also a great way to prepare for first grade!   There are 96 cards, divided into 24 sets of 4 rhyming word cards: — one of six summer kids graphics to the left…

Give Me Three Words

give me 3 words language arts activity for mixed age groups

[click to view larger]   This makes a great activity for warming up the minds of homeschool kids or other mixed-age groups. I used it as a morning activity to not only get those brain cells firing, but also to establish a feeling of mutual investment in each other’s education — older children encouraged younger,…

Spanish Word Toss

Spanish Word Toss online vocabulary game

ABCya!  has a fun little online game for practicing Spanish vocabulary.  Spanish Word Toss is set up like a carnival game where you “toss” a dart at a wall of balloons.  There is a single target word at the bottom, and players choose its match on the wall and aim their “dart” at its balloon. …

Spanish Digital Time card game

Spanish Digital Time card game for teaching and learning telling time in Spanish for any age group or individual

  Use this set of 48 printable cards to help you teach telling time in Spanish: Match digital time clock cards to Spanish time sentence cards Hold up clocks and have students call out the Spanish time Pass out clocks and have students write out the Spanish time Pass out all the clocks among students,…

Online Roman Numeral Games

free online roman numerals practice games math elementary first grade second third

  Most kids seem to enjoy roman numerals, but often have difficulty remembering how to create and read them.  The following free online games can help:   Roman sequence game – put three roman numerals (I to X) in order, least to greatest Roman matching game – drag the roman numeral onto each number (1…

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