Which is Different? preschool fun pages

worksheets printables for preschool critical thinking visual discrimination skillbuilding

  This colorful set of 11 fun pages for preschool visual discrimination skills building can be printed and used as worksheets — or have young ones point out on the screen which figure in each row is different, making this a computer activity. You can also print the pages and laminate them, turning this into…

Biology for Kids: 5 Sites

science biology for kids website

Whether you teach biology to one or one hundred students each year, you will be sure to find something useful among these five websites: Science Kids: Biology for Kids This colorful site features facts, lessons, videos, and quizzes, plus images, projects and experiments, and even games for kids! There are about 46 different science experiments…

IXL.com: MATH online quizzes & games

  The IXL.com website offers a limited amount of free daily math practice, “PreK to Geometry”. For each level below, there is a list of skills, and a self-checking online interactive quiz or game for each skill. Pre-K  (42 skills) Kindergarten  (122 skills) First grade  (155 skills) Second grade  (212 skills) Third grade  (227 skills) Fourth grade …

Natural Coloring Books

animals mammals printable coloring pages ebook book to print fun stuff for kids nature

I love animals and still fondly remember a unit on endangered species we did when I was in fourth grade. These Natural Coloring Books remind me of those fun coloring pages I did back then, with clean lines and fun poses — and SUCH a wondrous variety of animals! I am an affiliate of this…

PBS Shapes Games

PBS Shapes Games: http://pbskids.org/games/shapes.html

If your preschooler is learning how to use a mouse and keyboard, visit the PBS Shapes Games for some online fun! While many of the games after the first couple rows may be too difficult for the youngest children – and not all deal with shapes preschoolers commonly learn like circle, square, and star –…

Math Dice by ThinkFun: Get the community involved!

Math Dice by ThinkFun

Math Dice is more than just a game for 3rd through 7th grade math learners – it is a competitive or cooperative opportunity for groups of one through hundreds! Visit the Math Dice website for information on attending or hosting a tournament and seasonal celebration; your local Barnes and Noble bookstore may already host this event! If you already…

MedicalSpanish.com – Feelings in Spanish

Feelings list on Medical Spanish website

  MedicalSpanish.com has a list of about 50 words in Spanish to describe various feelings or emotions.  This is a simple list arranged in alphabetical order by English terms.  Each term shows the Spanish word with the English word below it, and each Spanish term can be heard as an audio file by clicking either…

Math-Aids.com Website

math-aids website review dynamically created printable math worksheets for kids

Math-Aids.com is the home of “Dynamically Created Math Worksheets“. This website makes it easy and economical to produce your own customized worksheets on just about every math topic including: Place Value & Estimation Greater/ Less Than Time, Money, & Measurement Addition & Subtraction Multiplication & Division Fractions, Decimals, & Percent Pre-Algebra & Algebra I Geometry…

ESL Kids Website

esl kids language arts flashcards english vocabulary fun animals

If you need English vocabulary flashcards or worksheets, ESL Kids is the place to go! Here are two samples of ESL Kids printable flashcards. These are 1/4 page size, with words. They also have 1/2 page size, and both sizes come with or without the words printed on the cards.     ESL Kids also…

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