Cool Cats: two sounds of oo

fun printable phonics reading words cards for first grade kids

   Practice the two sounds of oo in this fun lotto-style game that has 2 levels of difficulty.   Each player or team needs a copy of the playing board showing 4 cool cat spaces and 4 rookie cat spaces, highlighting the difference between the sounds. Two types of cards are provided — a word…

GameGoo: online English phonics, reading, and grammar games

Earobics Game Goo online interactive English reading and phonics games for kids

  The GameGoo website by Earobics (“Helping Readers Reach”) and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt features 13 different free online interactive games for kids in 3 levels of difficulty.   They practice various English readiness, phonics, reading, spelling, and grammar skills. Skills practiced in “Beginner” level (blue): following directions real & make-believe alphabet order upper/lower case alphabet match beginning letter… Website

math-aids website review dynamically created printable math worksheets for kids is the home of “Dynamically Created Math Worksheets“. This website makes it easy and economical to produce your own customized worksheets on just about every math topic including: Place Value & Estimation Greater/ Less Than Time, Money, & Measurement Addition & Subtraction Multiplication & Division Fractions, Decimals, & Percent Pre-Algebra & Algebra I Geometry…

K5 Learning: Free worksheets & more

K5 Learning website review free worksheets math grammar phonics reading cursive handwriting

  K5 Learning offers a personalized online reading and math program for kids in kindergarten through 5th grade, featuring the following topics (click the pic for an introductory video):   Outside of their paid program, this website also offers quite a selection of free printable worksheets and a few other valuable aids. Check these out:…

PBS Alphabet Games

PBS alphabet games alpha pig bingo

  PBS Kids has developed over 25 games for alphabet practice.  The games are all easily accessible on the PBS alphabet games webpage – or click a link below to go right to a specific game. Games that practice finding and matching letters, sometimes creating a word: Alphabet Pig – Paint by Letter — choose upper…

Natural Coloring Books

animals mammals printable coloring pages ebook book to print fun stuff for kids nature

I love animals and still fondly remember a unit on endangered species we did when I was in fourth grade. These Natural Coloring Books remind me of those fun coloring pages I did back then, with clean lines and fun poses — and SUCH a wondrous variety of animals! I am an affiliate of this…

Habits of the Heart

Habits of the Heart:

  If you are teaching life science or biology, Habits of the Heart by the Science Museum of Minnesota is a valuable resource for your studies of the cardiopulmonary system.  The heart is studied in detail, with a labeled diagram and a couple different animations that show the location of the heart in the chest (with a virtual…

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