Advance! Spanish Verbs game

  Use this unique printable game to practice common Spanish nouns and their English translations. Advance one row at a time across the board and back again, using circle cards and tokens. Full instructions for play are included.   Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:   You can easily purchase and…

PBS Shapes Games

PBS Shapes Games:

If your preschooler is learning how to use a mouse and keyboard, visit the PBS Shapes Games for some online fun! While many of the games after the first couple rows may be too difficult for the youngest children – and not all deal with shapes preschoolers commonly learn like circle, square, and star –…

Compound Words activity set

Compound Words printable activity set with cards for kids - make big words out of smaller words

  Put small words together to make big words! This colorful activity set is all you need to practice forming compound words! It includes 54 single-word cards with a picture and its name. These can be combined into pairs, such as: butter + fly, honey + comb, cup + cake. There is also a coordinating…

Turtle Diary

turtle diary free worksheets for kids preschool kindergarten first second third grade math english language arts science printables

  Turtle Diary offers a variety of FREE printable math, English language arts, and science worksheets for preschool through third grade. Here is a selection of links to direct areas within their awesomely helpful site: Math worksheets English worksheets Science worksheets Preschool worksheets Kindergarten worksheets First grade worksheets Second grade worksheets Third grade worksheets  …

Sight Words FREEBIES!

sight words reading websites free printables flashcards games preschool kindergarten fun

  If you have an early reader in preschool through third grade, you’ve got to check out! This helpful site features: FREE printable sight words flashcards in 3 sizes: full page, half page, and quarter page. FREE printable sight words games, along with ideas for games using the flashcards above Sight words teaching strategies…

ABC Me! alphabetizing cards

ABC Me printable activity set containing alphabetizing cards for kids - put 5 to 10 words in alphabetical order

  This printable full-color set consists of 48 cards, each with a list of related words to provide a fun way to practice alphabetical order.  Since the cards are in 3 levels of difficulty, they grow with your child and provide years of practice — GREAT for home school families and other mixed-grade groups! Each…

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