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PBS Alphabet Games


PBS Kids has developed over 25 games for alphabet practice.  The games are all easily accessible on the PBS alphabet games webpage – or click a link below to go right to a specific game.

Games that practice finding and matching letters, sometimes creating a word:

Games that match the letter given to letters shown at the beginning of words (with pics):

Games that practice recognizing letters by hearing their name (choose upper case, lower case, or both) :

Games that practice letter sounds:

Other recommended PBS alphabet games:

  • ABCD Watermelon — sing the alphabet song, and find what letter comes next when it stops
  • Alphabet Doors — click on a letter door, and see the letter and a word that begins with it (simple, no sound)
  • Theo’s Puzzles — put together one 9-piece zigsaw puzzle for each consonant – pics shows the letter and an object that begins with it
  • Monkey Match — memory-style: match upper to lower case, letter to sound picture, or rhyming words (your choice)
  • Cookie Monster’s Alphabet Soup — given two letters, choose a vowel to put between them to make a word


All PBS alphabet games are high-quality, engaging, colorful, and useful for practicing preschool, kindergarten, or first grade alphabet skills.

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