PBS Shapes Games

If your preschooler is learning how to use a mouse and keyboard, visit the PBS Shapes Games for some online fun!

While many of the games after the first couple rows may be too difficult for the youngest children – and not all deal with shapes preschoolers commonly learn like circle, square, and star – the first couple rows feature some fun online games that your child may ask to visit again and again.

I recommend:

  • Oscar’s Trash Collection:  After an initial sort of colors, move on to sorting by basic shape – move objects to shelves to sort
  • Sketch-a-Mite:  Draw or click on a shape and either build with them in free time, or race against a team of termites to build a tower
  • Huff Puff-a-Tron:  Help that silly Cat in the Hat fly a kite with his crazy contraption – find the correct shape and feed the machine
  • Telly’s Shape Garden:  Telly has seeds in packets marked with different shapes – “plant” the right seeds in each shape-marked garden

Have an online shapes game to recommend?  Share your own experiences and/or links below!






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