phonics lotto long vowels printable game first grade flashcards reading

Phonics Lotto: Long Vowels


This printable game packet contains everything you need to print and play the game immediately:

  • 8 different playing boards, each with 9 spaces (pictures) to cover to win
  • 40 long vowel word cards, with mini versions of the pictures
  • a 2-page long vowel word checklist


Use the entire packet to play the lotto-style game, trying to be the first to cover all 9 spaces on your board to win!

Or use the cards alone as reading flashcards, as writing prompts… or make 2 copies and use them in memory-style matching games.


This H.E.R. product is not available in pre-printed format.

However, you can see more pictures and sample pages — or purchase the printable PDF file — at TeachersPayTeachers, PayLoadz, or the Australian Teacher’s Marketplace.


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