Fran’s Freebies: Puppies for Sorting preschool activity set


This little critical thinking activity set was fun to make, and is even more fun to use!  Simply cut out loosely around the 29 puppies, and use for a variety of activities:

  • use with any of the 22 category ideas on the included idea poster page to find all the puppies that are or that have…
    • brown fur, grey fur, or white fur
    • no spots, black spots, or brown spots
    • short legs or long legs
    • ears up or ears down
    • eyes closed or eyes open
    • sitting, standing, walking, running, jumping, or looking up
    • facing right or facing left
    • no collar, blue collar, or red collar
  • encourage children to not only sort into groups, but count how many puppies are in each group
  • use the puppies without the included idea page for more general critical thinking and fact/opinion discussions:
    • which puppy is the tallest/smallest/silliest/most colorful?
    • which puppy looks angry/sad/frightened/happy?
    • which puppy looks just like this one, but is a different color?
    • which are your favorite puppies?

This free printable Puppies for Sorting packet is only 4 pages, but includes:

  • 29 different puppies
  • idea poster page with 22 categories (listed above, in condensed form)


If you have used this Fran’s Freebies Puppies for Sorting free critical thinking preschool activity set, please leave a little feedback below – thanks!


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