Free R-controlled vowels phonics posters at MES English


MES English offers a set of free printable r-controlled vowels posters:

  • click the large flash cards link for a set of 10 full-page posters, one showing the vowel + the letter r, and one showing several words containing that special phonics sound
  • click a handout for a single page containing all five r-controlled vowel sounds with representative words

These posters make a great introduction and discussion starter set – make them into a wall display while practicing r-controlled vowels!


The MES English website also has:

  • Printable Flashcards (click a link in the extensive list to the left — GREAT for ESL, there are topics such as adjectives, animals, body parts, numbers, hobbies, daily routines…)
  • Worksheet Templates (puzzles makers, dice maker, maze maker, domino maker, handout creator, printable games and more – again spanning the range of topics above)
  • MES Games (printable games to practice English concepts and skills)
  • and much more!  If you are an elementary English teacher, ESL teacher, or home educator, be sure to check out this site for freebies!


If you use this set of free printable r-controlled phonics posters — or would like to recommend a similar resource — please leave a little feedback below – thanks!


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