Fran’s Freebies: Las Ranas de Colores game


This free printable lotto-style game is useful not only for teaching colors, but also for practicing using feminine forms of adjectives – since frog in Spanish (rana) is feminine, and since there are 3 frogs on each space and 1 matching frog on each card, players get familiar with both the singular feminine color adjective and the plural feminine adjective in Spanish.

Colors used in this free printable Spanish game:

  • negra — negras
  • blanca — blancas
  • gris — grises
  • marrón — marrones
  • rosa — rosas
  • roja — rojas
  • naranja — naranjas
  • amarilla — amarillas
  • verde — verdes
  • azul — azules
  • morada — moradas

For every set of 11 cards for the 11 colors above, there is also a “Libre” card that can be used to cover any space.

Included in this Fran’s Freebies colors in Spanish printable game:

  • 12 half-page size playing boards (use one or more for each player or team)
  • 36 playing cards

Simply draw one card at a time and use it to cover a space on your playing board — or return it to the pile if unused.

The winner is the first to cover all 4 spaces on their board – or all spaces on all their boards, if more than one playing board is used.

Of course, the cards can also be used as bulletin board or wall displays or Spanish classroom decorations.  Enjoy, Friends of H.E.R.!


If you have downloaded and used Las Ranas de Colores, please leave a little feedback below — thanks!



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