Roman War printable math card game for practice reading roman numerals for the whole family

Roman War card game

This colorful printable card game is fun for the whole family to practice reading Roman numerals. The set contains 80 cards, each with a fun Roman character and a Roman numeral from III (3) to MMMV (3005). Simply print the cards, cut them apart, shuffle and distribute evenly between all players — then play like the classic “war” game. The player with the highest numeral wins everyone’s cards, and the player with the most cards at the end wins.

This card game also includes a one-page poster to review Roman numerals, plus a page of partially blank cards for creative use.

This game is not yet available in pre-printed format. However, you may view more pictures or purchase the printable PDF of the game for less than two dollars at TeachersPayTeachers, PayLoadz, or the Australian Teacher’s Marketplace. There is even an affiliate program that allows you to share this resource and earn a commission for each copy your friends and followers purchase. For details, click an icon under “Share this and Earn…” on the right sidebar of the PayLoadz product page.


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