Fran’s Freebies: Sentence Practice


The Fran’s Freebies Sentence Practice free printable activity set includes 2 sets of cards for elementary kids and English teachers:

Set One includes:

  • 18 simple one or two-word subjects like “Children”,  “The clock”,  “A dog”
  • 18 simple one word predicate (verb) like “play.”,  “write.”,  “buzzes.”,  “barks.”

Set Two includes:

  • 18 simple two- or three-word subjects like “The huge boxes”,  “My friends”,  “One of us”
  • 18 simple two- to four-word predicates like “are empty.”,  “ran past me.”,  “are full of nuts.”

Ideas for use:

  • Cut out one or both sets of cards and separate them into two piles – subject and predicate.
  • Have participants draw one card from each pile on each turn and be the first to make five really good sentences.
  • Give participants a select number of cards and see who can make the most different sentences with their own cards.
  • Give participants a certain number of either subjects or predicates, and have them write the missing half of the sentence.
  • Hold up one card and see who can come up with the most creative subject or predicate to complete the sentence.
  • Choose two cards and ask how to change one or both of them to make a correct sentence (i.e., use the plural form of the verb, etc).

If you have used Fran’s Freebies Sentence Practice activity set, please leave a little feedback below – thanks!


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