Spanish Action Kids printable Spanish verbs cards activity set

Spanish Action Kids – Printable Cards for learning verbs

This printable activity set has long been a favorite of HER customers!  The pictures are fun and the words are a good mix of common Spanish verbs like bailar and hablar, along with less commonly taught words like patear and fingir.

Included are 48 cards, each approximately 3 inches or 7 centimeters square, along with a one-page poster featuring all 48 Spanish verbs and their English translations.

Use these as flashcards, bulletin board or wall displays, a memory matching game, or the foundation for more difficult activities like conjugation and picking out the verbs that will have irregular conjugations.

Some of the Spanish verbs included in this printable set:

  • aprender
  • colorear
  • besar
  • ayudar
  • esculpir
  • gritar
  • subir
  • saltar
  • aplaudir
  • llorar
  • sonreír
  • teledirigir

This H.E.R. activity set is not yet available in pre-printed format.

You can see more pictures – even whole pages – or buy the printable PDF at Teachers Pay Teachers, Payloadz, or Teachers Marketplace in Australia.


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  • Hello there,

    I can’t find the link to download and print the “Spanish Action Kids – Printable Cards for learning verbs.

    I will appreciate any help.

    Thank you.


    • Hi there, Yolanda.
      The Spanish Action Kids is not a Fran’s Freebie. It can be purchased through one of the three links on the post, and downloaded from the site you purchase it from. Enjoy!

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