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To accompany the Fran’s Freebies Spanish adjectives worksheet packet, there are a few online activities I made a while back that you are free to use.

These all go right along with the adjectives lists included in the free printable worksheets above:

On Study Stack, I have one set of 102 Spanish adjectives, and you can practice them in a variety of ways, such as:

  • a crossword puzzle that gives you a new puzzle with every refresh, and which I will attempt to paste in below
  • a game called “chopped” which gives you a list of 7 vocab words and pieces of their translations – put word pieces in order like puzzles (see pic)
  • Spanish adjectives Hangman online
  • a matching and fill-ins online self-grading test with 30 random Spanish adjectives covered at a time
  • there are other games you can play as well on Study Stack – use my list or create your own!

On Quizlet, I have 4 different sets of Spanish adjectives:



Click REFRESH to get a new puzzle instantly!



If you use Study Stack or Quizlet – or have used one of my sets above, please leave a little feedback below – thanks!


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