Fran’s Freebies: Spanish Animal Friends


This colorful set of 40 large cards (4 to a page) are great for introducing animals in Spanish vocabulary to young children in preschool, kindergarten, first grade, or even second grade.  The graphics are cutsie so older grades may not enjoy these as much, but if whimsie is in, you can certainly use them for any age group!

Included in this Spanish animals vocabulary card set:

  • el perro (dog)
  • el gato (cat)
  • el caballo (horse)
  • la vaca (cow)
  • el cerdo (pig)
  • la oveja (sheep)
  • la cabra (goat)
  • el conejo (rabbit)
  • la gallina (hen)
  • el gallo (rooster)
  • el pato (duck)
  • el ganso (goose)
  • el oso (bear)
  • el lobo (wolf)
  • el zorro (fox)
  • el león (lion)
  • el insecto (bug)
  • la mariposa (butterfly)
  • el pavo (turkey)
  • el mapache (raccoon)
  • el camello (camel)
  • el ciervo (deer)
  • el elefante (elephant)
  • la jirafa (giraffe)
  • el tigre (tiger)
  • el canguro (kangaroo)
  • el ratón (mouse)
  • el mono (monkey)
  • la ballena (whale)
  • el delfín (dolphin)
  • el tiburón (shark)
  • el cangrejo (crab)
  • el pájaro (bird)
  • el águila (eagle)
  • el búho (owl)
  • el pingüino (penguin)
  • la serpiente (snake)
  • el caimán (alligator/caiman)
  • la tortuga (turtle)
  • la rana (frog)


Each card measures approximately 3 inches by 4 inches and features a full-color whimsical picture of the animal and the Spanish animal word with article.


If you have downloaded and used this Fran’s Freebies printable Spanish Animal Friends card set, please leave a little feedback below – thanks!



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    I love the pictures and the large font. They are ideal for use in class. Thanks,

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