Spanish Digital Time card game for teaching and learning telling time in Spanish for any age group or individual

Spanish Digital Time card game

Use this set of 48 printable cards to help you teach telling time in Spanish:

  • Match digital time clock cards to Spanish time sentence cards
  • Hold up clocks and have students call out the Spanish time
  • Pass out clocks and have students write out the Spanish time
  • Pass out all the clocks among students, being sure not to give any pairs… Have one student at a time hold up one card, and the student with the matching card hold it up and read it out loud… Then have that student go next…
  • Use the cards as a wall display when teaching telling time in Spanish


This printable activity is not available for free, and is not yet available in pre-printed format.  However, you can view more pictures and/or purchase the printable PDF for less than two dollars from TeachersPayTeachers, PayLoadz, or the Australian Teacher’s Marketplace.


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