Fran’s Freebies: Spanish Opposites Cards


This set of 48 printable cards is FREE on this stie only!

The Fran’s Freebies Spanish Opposite Cards includes 24 pair of adjective opposites, including:

  • nuevo — viejo
  • rico — pobre
  • hermoso — feo
  • alto — bajo
  • feliz — triste
  • sabio — tonto
  • trabajador — perezoso
  • generoso — mezquino
  • sano — enfermo
  • abierto — cerrado
  • and 14 more pair!

Each pair consists of one card showing the front of a cat, the other with the back of the cat.

Lay out cards face up and make matches, pass out cards to all players and trade for matches, make rows of cards face-down and find matches “memory” style, or hang on the wall as “Opposite Pair of the Day”.


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