Fran’s Freebies: Spanish Vocab Webs activity


The Fran’s Freebies Spanish Vocab Webs 14-page activity set includes:

  • 10 Spanish vocabulary web boards, each a different topic
  • 1 blank vocabulary web board for your own creative use
  • 40 oval Spanish vocabulary word cards, 4 to complete each web board
  • 10 circular Spanish vocabulary topic cards, to label each web board

This versatile set can be used for any age group, from elementary school through college.  Use the sets included, or make your own oval cards to go with the included blank web board.

Topics covered in this printable Spanish vocabulary activity set:

  • los adjetivos
  • los verbos
  • los animales
  • en la casa
  • los parientes
  • la comida
  • la ropa
  • el cuerpo
  • los colores
  • el ambiente

This set can be used for a lotto-style game, completing each web with matching vocab cards, or use the cards alone to sort into categores — OR use the web boards themselves as worksheets to give to students for classwork or homework.  Simply have them fill in the missing topic and four more Spanish vocabulary words.


If you have used this updated version of Spanish Vocabulary Webs, please leave a little feedback below – thanks!


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    Very creative! Love your resources!

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