Spanish Word Toss online vocabulary game

Spanish Word Toss

ABCya!  has a fun little online game for practicing Spanish vocabulary.  Spanish Word Toss is set up like a carnival game where you “toss” a dart at a wall of balloons.  There is a single target word at the bottom, and players choose its match on the wall and aim their “dart” at its balloon.  While the graphics would appeal most to young children, the change of darts (described below) broadens its appeal to upper elementary and even some middle or high schoolers.

There are 11 different Spanish vocabulary categories:

  • animals
  • colors
  • days of the week
  • months of the year
  • numbers 1-20
  • food
  • clothing
  • people
  • transportation
  • around the house
  • sports

You can also choose Spanish to English or English to Spanish.  The first of the pair is the single word at the bottom, and the second is the language of the collection of words attached to balloons.

The “around the house” category includes words such as el baño, la mesa, el tenedor, and el lavaplatos.  “People” includes family members plus friend (el amigo), while “Transportation” consists of vehicles like bus, train, and bicycle.

You may choose one, several, or all 11 categories to play with!  If you miss three in a row, the game is over – but for every 10 you get right, you get a new type of dart to pop your balloons.  Besides the regular dart you begin with, there are also “wild”, “speedy”, “loop”, and “curve”.  This extends the play time by holding interest past a simple once-through.

Click Here to check out the online vocab game, Spanish Word Toss by ABCya!

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