Spelling Match online game: fourth grade

Spelling Match online games


The Spelling Match online games by Houghton Mifflin are arranged by grade (1st through 8th) and further divided into lesson-levels (usually about 6 per grade).  While these free online interactive games are designed to accompany the Houghton Mifflin series of spelling books, they could be added to a homeschool program or used as at-home practice for supplementary spelling practice.

Each game features a single objective for matching such as matching pictures with words, partial words with missing letters, or meanings with homophones.  The games are all in the format of simple Memory-style matching – but the cards are all face-up.  Once a match is made, the cards are “flipped over” – and once all matches are made, you are declared a winner and asked if you would like to play another game – which is actually another lesson in the same grade level.

Have extra time in your English class period?  If your learners are in first through eighth grades, you may want to set them loose on these games (beginning at an appropriate level, of course) and perhaps offer an incentive or a reward for completing a certain number of levels.


If you have used the Houghton Mifflin free online Spelling Match games – or a similar resource you would like to share – please leave some feedback below – thanks!


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