Splittin Subs printable activity set game with cards for kids - make contractions for English grammar, spelling, and vocabulary lessons

Splittin’ Subs contractions activity


Americans love submarine sandwiches! Make up a dozen or so of these 2-piece sub word puzzles, then take off the right side and replace it with a contraction – or replace the contraction ending with its meaning!

would + not = would + n’t = wouldn’t
she + will = she + ‘ll = she’ll
where + is = where + ‘s = where’s

Endings included in this set:
is/has = ‘s, are = ‘re, will = ‘ll, am = ‘m, have = ‘ve, would/did = ‘d, not = n’t
This activity also includes tips for printing and multiple ideas for use in a variety of activities.

These cards also make great independent practice centers or even bulletin board displays!


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