Starfall Learn to Read page: online phonics activities and interactive story books

If you are teaching reading, don’t miss out on this colorful and engaging set of online activities by Starfall!

Starfall’s Learn to Read page features a wide variety of activities for different phonics levels – from short and long vowels and sight words to r-controlled vowels and beyond.

Links to the left under the heading “Play” bring you to an assortment of rhyming, spelling, and sounding-it-out activities, complete with sound and animation.

Links to the right under the heading “Book” of course brings you to Starfall’s online interactive story books.  These begin with sound and animation, then allow for independent reading in sentences.


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4 Responses to Starfall Learn to Read page: online phonics activities and interactive story books

  1. Phonics says:

    I found starfall and it helped my son more than the computer pay sites for reading.

  2. Phonics says:

    Recognizing letters and knowing their sounds: ages 3-5.
    . 3 being the more mature, advanced learners and 5 being
    when most children are ready.

    • I agree, and my own children covered the range and pushed it… My oldest was reading on his own at age 4, my youngest (who has some autistic traits) was still working on mastering alphabet sounds at age 6. I am so glad to live in the age of technology, when kids can potentially learn at their own pace and never run out of awesome online and offline resources…!

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