Suffix Skunks printable activity set with cards for kids to learn how to add a suffix or ending to words to make new words

Suffix Skunks


Practice adding suffixes to the ends of words to create new words – and make a stinky batch of silly skunks while you’re at it!

This colorful set includes 128 cards with either the front of a skunk (a small word) or the back of the skunk (a suffix). Put the two together to create new words, and record them all on the included BONUS practice sheet!

Also includes 16 blank cards (8 skunks) for creative use by the teacher and/or students. Make your own suffixes or other two-part words!

Suffixes included:
-y, -ly, -ful, -less, -able, -en, -er, -ish

This set also includes tips for printing and multiple ideas for use.


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