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Swatting Wasps phonics game

This unique game includes 60 hexagon-shaped wasp cards that provide a fun new way to practice the special wa- sound (wasp, water, swan, etc).

Each player gets a wasp nest playing board with 8 blank hexagon spaces waiting to be filled. On each turn, players choose a card and follow the instructions, from reading a wa- word to naming an Australian wa- animal to taking an extra card.

If the activity on the card is completed successfully, the player covers a space on their board with it. The catch is that you may only have one of each type of wasp (there are 15 different types) on your board, so if the card has a type you already have, you must either put the card back or trade it out.

The winner is the first to cover all 8 spaces on their playing board with 8 different types of wasps.

Multiple copies of all or select cards can be made for use with larger groups.

Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:

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