50states.com Website

50 states .com website pick a state usa social studies information

The 50States.com website has just about everything you might need to study and compare individual states in the USA: General State Facts (pick a state) State Trees info (pick a state) State Birds info (pick a state) State Flower info (pick a state) State Flag info (pick a state) State Songs (pick a state) Newspapers…

Kids.gov Website

fun website for kids government social studies current events states countries passport fun links

  The Kids.gov website is divided into 3 main sections: — Grades K-5 (shown above) — Grades 6-8 — Parents & Teachers   The Kids Section (K-5) contains links to age-appropriate social studies resources such as world country flags and information, maps, and current events. There is also an interactive USA map where kids can…

50 States Worksheets

printable fifty 50 states of the united states of america map find match names worksheets

  22 pages in full color, including charts, puzzles, and worksheets: — 4 pages of charts: overview chart with state nicknames and other info (2 pages), 50 states by date of admission, and 50 states by size — 4 pages of matching state name with state shape and postal abbreviation (4 worksheets without answer keys…

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