Shapes & Colors Worksheets fun pack

printable shapes colors worksheets preschool kindergarten fun

  This 35-page worksheet packet is full of fun and engaging graphics and activities to hold the attention of young learners!   This fun pack includes: — 2 pages of color the shapes like the ones shown (i.e., color all the circles red and the squares blue) — 11 pages devoted to a particular shape…

Color Birds activity set

color birds printable colors activity set for preschool fun

  Ten different colored mother birds wait at their nest boxes. Add a nest with the same color eggs. Then add a father bird of the same color. Finally, find the color word that is written in that color text and the black-text word that matches it.   Spell the color word out loud and point to…

Fran’s Freebies: PreK-K Color Cards

Frans Freebies free printable color cards activity set for preschool and kindergarten kids

  This unique set of large Color Cards can be used for visual discrimination and critical thinking discussions as well as for color recognition activities.   Included are 24 quarter-page cards, 2 each for 12 different colors, plus 2 full-page poster cards for a variety of activities: Use the smaller cards as flashcards to introduce…

Fran’s Freebies: Los Colores

Frans Freebies free printable los colores colors in Spanish activity set with posters and cards for kids -- play many color games!

  This updated version of Los Colores — Colors in Spanish features 2 different types of one-page posters (which can also be cut into cards) and a variety of card sets for use in mastering the Spanish colors — Los Colores. This FREE printable activity set includes: one-page poster with color and Spanish name one-page…

Colors in Spanish by Dr. Lemon

colors in Spanish by Dr Lemon

  Dr. Lemon (a college Spanish professor) has created a nice variety of online Spanish resources for all ages.  Her Colors in Spanish webpage goes well beyond the typical 10 or 12 colors traditionally taught… Dr. Lemon’s Colors in Spanish page includes: information text about color adjective number/gender agreement exceptions to the rules Spanish translations for 29 different…

Fran’s Freebies: Las Ranas de Colores game

Frans Freebies free printable game Las Ranas de Colores colors and adjectives in Spanish

  This free printable lotto-style game is useful not only for teaching colors, but also for practicing using feminine forms of adjectives – since frog in Spanish (rana) is feminine, and since there are 3 frogs on each space and 1 matching frog on each card, players get familiar with both the singular feminine color…

Fran’s Freebies: Spanish Colors Worksheets

Frans Freebies free packet of printable Spanish colors posters, puzzles, and worksheets

  This colorful printable packet on Spanish Colors contains everything you need for introducing and practicing colors in Spanish: 2 versions of a simple introductory poster (one with “naranja” the other with “anaranjado” for orange) 2 versions of a simple search-a-word puzzle (one with “naranja” the other with “anaranjado” for orange) — naranja is used for…

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