Consonant Blends Worksheets

printable phonics worksheets puzzle pages consonant blends reading words

  This set of 15 full-color worksheets includes: 5 pages of matching words to pictures (L blends [bl,gl], R blends [dr,tr], S blends [sk,sp], End blends [-ft,-mp], Blends on both ends) 3 pages of write the word under the picture AND draw the phrase (L blends, R blends, End blends) 2 pages of write the…

Phonics Lotto: Consonant Blends

phonics lotto consonant blends sc sk gr gl bl cl cr sm sp words game printable

  This printable game packet contains everything you need to print and play the game immediately! 8 different playing boards, each with 9 spaces (pictures) to cover to win! 40 playing cards, each with a consonant blend word and a mini version of its picture a 2-page consonant blends word list   Use the entire…

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