Letter Watches alphabet activity set


  This simple black-and-white printable packet can be used for a fun variety of preschool activities: Make bracelets ahead of time using card stock and laminating sheets.  Give each child a different letter each day, reusing Letter Watches. Print bracelets …

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Fran’s Freebies: Alphabet Pages


  This colorful packet of Alphabet Pages is available for free on this site only! This is a large file — 3.9 MB due to all the graphics on every page — please be patient with the download. Each alphabet …

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Fran’s Freebies: Alphabet Sounds Reading Cards


  Alphabet Sounds Reading Cards features: 26 double-sided cards, one for each letter of the alphabet 12 single-sided (or print back-to-back, if you prefer) bonus cards Letter cards feature the letter and a picture of an item that starts with …

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PBS Alphabet Games


  PBS Kids has developed over 25 games for alphabet practice.  The games are all easily accessible on the PBS alphabet games webpage – or click a link below to go right to a specific game. Games that practice finding …

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