Cash It In money math game

cash it in money math game for kindergarten first grade math fun

  Travel around the playing board collecting quarters, dimes, and nickels, then trade them in for 3 types of groceries on the corner spaces. “Buy” cereal for 1 dollar, rice for 50 cents, and macaroni for 25 cents. The winner is the player with the most grocery cards (not coins) at the end. This simple…

Farmer’s Market: money math fun

printable money math activity set farmers market selling coins chores fun

  What a FUN way to practice money math skills! Do chores on the farm or at the market to earn cents, such as: — Hoe the garden — 70 cents — Shuck the corn — 30 cents — Fertilize the crops — 55 cents — Stack the melons — 30 cents — Entertain customers…

Fran’s Freebies: Figurine Sale money skills game

Frans Freebies free printable activity set practing American US money skills counting coins with animal cards for kids

  This Fran’s Freebies printable activity set called Figurine Sale includes:  30 figurine cards — a photo-realistic graphic of a plastic animal toy with a tag showing how much it “costs” 30 money cards — photo-realistic coins graphics showing a particular amont of USA money with which to “purchase” the figurines Besides being used as…

Fran’s Freebies: World Currency Worksheets

Frans Freebies World Currency Worksheets - six free printable activity pages to practice money in other countries

This free worksheet packet includes: International Currencies search-a-word puzzle & answer key World Currencies matching and which countries use the euro – with answer key Currency Jeopardy worksheet & answer key World Currencies crossword puzzle & answer key Money Exchange currency converter & answer key Currency Converter worksheet & answer key Answer keys are included,…

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