Swatting Wasps phonics game


  This unique game includes 60 hexagon-shaped wasp cards that provide a fun new way to practice the special wa- sound (wasp, water, swan, etc). Each player gets a wasp nest playing board with 8 blank hexagon spaces waiting to …

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MedicalSpanish.com – Feelings in Spanish


  MedicalSpanish.com has a list of about 50 words in Spanish to describe various feelings or emotions.  This is a simple list arranged in alphabetical order by English terms.  Each term shows the Spanish word with the English word below …

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Language Guide: The world in audio


  LanguageGuide.org is “A collaborative project to develop interactive, sound-integrated language learning resources.”  The site allows visitors to hover over a picture and hear its name pronounced in the target language. Currently Language Guide offers visual and auditory vocabulary (and sometimes …

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