Swatting Wasps phonics game

printable phonics reading game wasps insects animals fun stuff unique

  This unique game includes 60 hexagon-shaped wasp cards that provide a fun new way to practice the special wa- sound (wasp, water, swan, etc). Each player gets a wasp nest playing board with 8 blank hexagon spaces waiting to be filled. On each turn, players choose a card and follow the instructions, from reading…

MedicalSpanish.com – Feelings in Spanish

Feelings list on Medical Spanish website

  MedicalSpanish.com has a list of about 50 words in Spanish to describe various feelings or emotions.  This is a simple list arranged in alphabetical order by English terms.  Each term shows the Spanish word with the English word below it, and each Spanish term can be heard as an audio file by clicking either…

Language Guide: The world in audio

LanguageGuide.org: face vocabulary in Spanish - words, pictures, and auditory sound files

  LanguageGuide.org is “A collaborative project to develop interactive, sound-integrated language learning resources.”  The site allows visitors to hover over a picture and hear its name pronounced in the target language. Currently Language Guide offers visual and auditory vocabulary (and sometimes grammar) lessons in 14 languages and dialects: English – USA (vocabulary and grammar – irregular verbs) English…

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