Hoppers suffixes game

Hoppers printable activity game set for kids learning to double the consonant before adding a suffix like -ed, -er, and -ing

  This unique colorful activity set is all you need to help your students master the basic skill of doubling consonants before adding suffixes that begin with a vowel. After spending some time with this fun activity, it will be hard for them to forget this important spelling rule! Simply point out that grasshoppers need…

Suffix Skunks

Suffix Skunks printable activity set with cards for kids to learn how to add a suffix or ending to words to make new words

  Practice adding suffixes to the ends of words to create new words – and make a stinky batch of silly skunks while you’re at it! This colorful set includes 128 cards with either the front of a skunk (a small word) or the back of the skunk (a suffix). Put the two together to…

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