Spanish Verbs Worksheets 1

printable spanish language learning worksheets verbs conjugated puzzle handout printables

  This 30-page packet covers -ar, -er, and -ir regular verbs (as opposed to stem changers and other irregular conjugations). Included are: — intro to -ar verbs — 7 -ar verbs worksheets & answer keys, including a search-a-word puzzle — intro to -er & -ir verbs — longer list of regular verbs, all 3 types…

Advance! Spanish Verbs game

  Use this unique printable game to practice common Spanish nouns and their English translations. Advance one row at a time across the board and back again, using circle cards and tokens. Full instructions for play are included.   Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:   You can easily purchase and…

Me Gusta Más printable Spanish game

Me Gusta Mas unique printable Spanish game with cards practicing the verb gustar and translations

  This unique lotto-style game is a fun way to practice the special Spanish verb, GUSTAR.   Included in this game packet are: 4 different playing boards, each with 12 spaces with Spanish phrases and sentences 25 different English translation cards 27 different picture cards showing a variety of activities   Give each player or…

Spanish Digital Dialects games

Digital Dialects Spanish online free games for vocabulary, grammar, colors, numbers, phrases, and more

  For some simple online beginning Spanish practice, try these games on  Spanish vocabulary topics include: Animals Animals 2 Clothing Colors Food Fruits & vegetables Days & months Units of time Vocabulary Most topics give you a list of vocabulary to study, then let you play an online game matching each picture with its Spanish vocabulary term either…

1800+ Spanish Vocabulary Cards

1800+ Spanish Vocabulary Cards by Fran Lafferty Home Education Resources - nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, word cards for kids

  Over 1800 single-sided vocabulary cards with: — Spanish nouns such as la luz, el rey, la calle, los muebles, and el fin — Spanish verbs such as subir, jugar, pedir, acertar, deber, and soler — Spanish adverbs and prepositions such as durante, en voz alta, arriba, and suavemente — Spanish adjectives such as rubio,… Free Spanish Lessons and more - free spanish language learning website with many activities and a chance to earn points and awards

  If you are either a Spanish learner or a Spanish teacher, you should know about this website! is totally free — all you have to do is sign up with your email address, click the link in the email they send, and create a username and password for yourself.  Once you have that…

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