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USA Presidents mega-packet!

This 43-page printable packet contains all the essentials for teaching the Presidents of the United States:

  • TWO 132-piece card sets — one numbered and one not
    • 3 cards for each of the 44 presidents
    • name & years served
    • presidential portrait
    • important fact(s)
  • a 2-page chart, listing for each president:
    • presidential number
    • name
    • years served
    • state born in
    • vice president(s)
  • 4 worksheets of portrait identification (Whose Face is That?) — circle or write the correct name
  • Who was President Then? worksheet — famous books, stories, or magazines published during presidencies
  • Memorable Names crossword puzzle
  • presidential names search-a-word puzzle
  • 3 presidents by number worksheets with fun facts
  • Right on the Money — intro & practice pages — presidents on coins and bills

** All worksheets include full answer keys. **

The two card sets are identical besides being labeled with numbers (to enable ease of matching 3-piece sets for each president) or unlabeled (for a greater challenge).

Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:
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