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WebEcoist: Endangered Plants & other photo essays


WebEcoist is a great site to visit for current events articles and photo essays on the environment and our use of and interaction with it.

The photo essay “15 Eccentric Endangered Trees, Plants, and Flowers” includes these interesting species (and 7 more):

  • baobob tree
  • monkey puzzle tree
  • dragon tree
  • venus fly trap
  • baseball plant
  • rafflesia
  • titan arum
  • green jade flower

The WebEcoist site (“Going Beyond Green”) also features an engaging selection of photo essays in these main topic areas:

  • Amazing Animals /animals & habitats (“10 Amazing Silver Animals”, “8 Amazing Vultures”, “7 Most Common Household Insects”)
  • Eco Architecture /home & garden (“Cardboard Packaging”, “27 Space-Saving Tricks”, “Prefab Eco House in France”)
  • Extreme Weather /travel & places (“82 Epic Elemental Phenomena”, “52 Stunning Natural Formations”)
  • Green Galleries (“Stunning Earth Art & Artists”, “Awesome Alternative Energy Designs”)
  • Naturally Exotic /travel & places (“100+ World’s Weirdest”, “6 Seemingly Innocent Assassins”)
  • Sustainable Travel /geography & travel (“Giant Crystals & Crooked Forests”, “3 Top Treetop Getaways”)
  • World Wonders (“Amazing Sights of East Asia”, “Painted Pastures”, “7 Amazing Animal Dragons”)

While most of these brief articles and photo essays do not provide enough information for the serious researcher, they are a great current events starting point, especially for environmental science and other green-loving topics.  Of course, they are fun for browsing and doing short response or opinion pieces as well!


If you use the WebEcoist site — or would like to recommend a similar resource — please leave a little feedback below – thanks!


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