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Which is Different? preschool fun pages

This colorful set of 11 fun pages for preschool visual discrimination skills building can be printed and used as worksheets — or have young ones point out on the screen which figure in each row is different, making this a computer activity.

You can also print the pages and laminate them, turning this into a long-lasting skills center.

All 11 pages in this packet ask the participant to spot the object in each row that is different from the rest. Most pages have rows that alternate between fun figures and letters/numbers. The first 4 pages have 4 items per row, and the other pages have 5 or 6 items per row.

Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:
which is different same preschool visual discrimination printables printable preschool worksheets same and different preschool worksheets same and different visual discrimination skills

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