Fran’s Freebies: World Currency Worksheets

This free worksheet packet includes:

  • International Currencies search-a-word puzzle & answer key
  • World Currencies matching and which countries use the euro – with answer key
  • Currency Jeopardy worksheet & answer key
  • World Currencies crossword puzzle & answer key
  • Money Exchange currency converter & answer key
  • Currency Converter worksheet & answer key

Answer keys are included, but due to the nature of the topic, the answers may vary slightly from day to day and year to year.

This packet is available for free on this site only.  If you have downloaded and used it, please leave some feedback below – Thanks! USA, LLC




About Fran Lafferty

I've been making little worksheets and games since I was about 5 years old and have published thousands of pages of printables since 2004. I'm still creating away... visit my Gravatar page to see my other online projects and to find my contact information.
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18 Responses to Fran’s Freebies: World Currency Worksheets

  1. Courtney says:

    Thank you so much, this is a fantastic resource for exploring currency of the world

  2. Anyor says:

    Thank you so much (y)

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is a really nice packet to keep terms in the students head and help them understand conversion better THANKS

  4. Angela says:

    Excellent resource to help my Travel students learn about world currencies. I’ll use some of these handouts for group work and classroom challenges.

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Great resource for my students. Thank you!

  7. Anonymous says:

    how do you find the answers to the work sheetsfor the constellations word search

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank you – very useful and fun. I’ll definitely use it with the year 6 children.

  9. Shandica King-Sweeting says:

    Thank you for the packet. Can you post the (exchange rate chart) converter as well. This will help my students out greatly.

  10. Looks like a lot of fun – thankyou. My Gr 6s are sure to enjoy this

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